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Rental Policies

Minimum Stay & Occupancy Requirements

Most of our properties are rented Saturday to Saturday with a seven-night minimum stay for June, July, and August, AND some holiday periods during the offseason. Some properties that are not located directly on the oceanfront may be available for less than seven nights. Please contact our office to inquire about these properties. All properties require a three or four-night minimum stay (depending on size and location) during the offseason.

Due to the nature of our rental properties and the contracts we have with our homeowners, Seaside Vacations does NOT rent to persons under the age of 25 years old and does NOT cater to groups (ie. graduation parties, sororities, fraternities, spring break groups, etc). Our rentals are for family vacations. Misrepresentation will result in immediate eviction from the property and forfeiture of all monies paid, including security deposit. Subletting is strictly prohibited and will result in immediate eviction from the property and forfeiture of all monies paid, including security deposit.


There are several ways you can reserve a property. You can call our office during hours of operation and speak to a reservation specialist, or you can may book directly from the website 24 hours a day. In order to complete the booking process, you will be required to place approximately 50% down when making reservations. When reserving a property on our website via ONLINE BOOKING, you will be required to give a credit card number over our secure website. Your card is NOT automatically charged at that time, but a representative from Seaside Vacations will contact you within 24 hours to confirm your information, answer any questions you have, and process your payment. After a reservation is made and payment is received, a Confirmation Lease Agreement is sent via email (can also be mailed or faxed if time allows) as well as a receipt for payment. The Confirmation Lease Agreement must be signed and returned to our office via email, fax, or regular mail within 7 days of receipt.  If your reservation date is less than 2 weeks from your arrival date, your signed confirmation lease agreement must be returned right away. NOTE: guests without signed contracts will not be allowed to check in.

Advance reservations are contingent upon your selected time period being made available by the property owner.  Should there be a conflict with your desired dates, we will notify you immediately so you can make alternate plans. Since check-out days are extremely busy, please make your advance reservations during the week when we have more time to assist you.  You are not automatically entitled to the same week next year simply because you reserved it this year; however, you DO have the first choice for renting the same property for the same week next year, as long as you make advance reservations before the first Monday after your departure. No properties will be held for specific weeks based on assumptions.  Current rates are not applicable to next year’s reservations.

Method of Payment

Personal checks will be accepted up until thirty (30) days prior to arrival. For reservations within thirty (30) days of arrival, the only accepted forms of payment are: Cashiers Check, Certified Check, Money Order, Cash, Travelers Check, Visa, MasterCard, and Discover. THESE PAYMENTS MUST BE RECEIVED BY SEASIDE VACATIONS WITHIN 48 HOURS IN ORDER TO CONFIRM YOUR RESERVATION.

RETURNED CHECKS  Any check returned for non-sufficient funds or stopped payment will not be re-submitted. A letter will be sent to you indicating full payment required within ten (10) days by money order, cashier’s check, certified check, or credit card payment. A fee of $55 will be charged for any returned check.

Security Deposit

All properties require a security deposit. This deposit is security against damage, proper clean-up at check-out and other charges as described on your Lease Agreement. As part of your stay you may purchase a Security Deposit Protection plan designed to cover unintentional damages to the rental unit interior that occur during your stay. If purchased, the policy will pay a maximum benefit of $1500. Any damages that exceed $1500 will be charged to the credit card on file. If, during your stay at one of our Rental Properties, an Insured Person causes any damage to real or personal property of the unit as a result of inadvertent acts or omissions, the Insurer will reimburse the Insured for the cost of the repair or replacement of such property up to a maximum benefit of $1500. Certain terms and conditions apply. Full details of the Security Deposit Protection coverage are contained in the Certificate of Insurance or Insurance Policy. The Security Deposit Protection plan can be purchased at $55 per rental up to, and including at, the time of final payment. This is non-refundable.  By submitting payment for this plan, you authorize and request Red Sky to pay directly Seaside Vacations any amount payable under the terms and conditions of the Security Deposit Protection. If you do NOT purchase a Security Deposit Protection plan, a security deposit of $500 will be paid in full when making your final payment and returned via check or credit card within 4 weeks after your departure. Furthermore, Seaside Vacations reserves the right to a charge of $100.00 per person security deposit. Such right is solely at the discretion of Seaside Vacations and shall be paid at the time of check-in.  If any problems exist, you will be sent a letter explaining the problem and the expected resolution of your deposit. Checks not cashed within 60 days will be voided and a $25 fee will apply for re-issue.


A 12% tax applies to all North Myrtle Beach properties. This is comprised of the standard 9% South Carolina sales tax plus 3% county and city hospitality tax. For rental items such as linens, TVs, cribs, etc., 12% sales tax will be charged. These taxes could change at any time.

Processing Fee

A non-refundable processing fee applies to each reservation.

Travel Protection Insurance

Seaside Vacations has contracted with Red Sky Travel Insurance in order to offer Travel Protection Insurance to our guests. Your Lease Agreement will include this optional coverage, which will cost only 6.95% of your total rental amount.  The insurance coverage not only protects your vacation investment against hurricanes, but also covers other unanticipated circumstances which could cause cancellation/interruption of your trip. See below for details.

Maximum Occupancy

The maximum occupancy is listed with each property’s description as MAX. This number indicates the bedding accommodations and/or the limit set by the property owner. If you have an extra adult, child, or baby (yes, children are people too!), let us know; some property owners will permit an extra person or two at 10% of the total rental amount per week per extra person (minimum of $50). Overcrowding or misrepresentation will result in immediate eviction from the property and loss of all monies paid, including security deposit.


Should you have to cancel your reservation for any reason, let us know immediately. We will attempt to re-rent your property. A $100 service and handling fee will be charged. A refund of your deposit (Less $100.00) will be made if cancellation is 60 days prior to your arrival. Cancellation less than 60 days prior to arrival MUST be re-rented before a refund (less $100.00) will be made. Consider Travel Protection Insurance to avoid this risk. Red Sky 


There will be no refund of any kind due to mechanical failure of non-essential items such as air conditioner, TV, Internet, dishwasher, washer/dryer, or other luxury items. However, we promise to make every effort to have such items repaired as quickly as possible. You can be assured that, with Seaside Vacations, your vacation will be as trouble-free as possible. Due to constant growth in our community we cannot refund any money due to interruptions from neighboring properties that may be under construction.


Check In: 3-5 p.m. (June – August). Please do not go to the property before checking in with our office. Weekends are extremely busy. If people or cars are seen at the property, it will delay its cleaning and inspection and thus your check-in time. Keep in mind that it is difficult for us to prepare every property between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m.  Upon completion of housekeeping services, your rental will be released to you SOMETIME between 3:00 pm and 5:00 pm.  PLEASE UNDERSTAND THAT WE CANNOT GUARANTEE THAT YOUR RENTAL WILL BE AVAILABLE AT 3:00 PM.  If you arrive early, stop by our office. If your property is ready, we will gladly check you in. If not, we will give you an approximate check-in time. There is never a promise of early check-in; guaranteed check-in is between 3:00 p.m. and 5:00 p.m.  

Late Check-In/Early Check-Out

If you will be arriving late, please let us know and we will give you the necessary information in order to obtain your keys from the late check-in box. You must be paid in full for us to leave keys secured in the key box. If you have any questions or problems, please come into the office the next day.  If you leave early in the morning, simply drop your keys in the box.

Check-Out: 10 a.m.  NO EXCEPTIONS

Please understand that it is difficult, at best, to prepare our properties between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. for the next guests. Your assistance in leaving the property by 10 a.m. and completing our CHECK-OUT procedures is greatly appreciated. 10 a.m. is a firm check-out time. A late check-out charge of $50 per hour may be deducted from your security deposit. Although you will be given instructions upon check-in, the following is a brief list of what is expected of you when you leave your property. If you prefer not to do this, check with our Housekeeping Department for a price to complete this for you.

Please . . .

  • Put all dirty dishes in the dishwasher and start
  • Remove all trash and food items
  • Place dirty linens in bathtub
  • Leave bedspreads and mattress pads on beds


If you damage anything in the Property, please tell us. In general, leave the property the way you found it. We don’t enjoy holding security deposits but may find it necessary if the check-out procedures are not completed or you do not check out on time.

Don’t Forget to Bring . . .

Properties are privately-owned and vary in amenities, décor, furnishings, etc. All properties, at a minimum, provide the following for at least the maximum occupancy; adequate furniture, blankets, pillows, mattress pads, bedspreads, vacuum cleaner, plunger, mop, broom and dust pan.

You need to supply the following: 

  • Bed linens (house rentals only)
  • Bath and kitchen towels (house rentals only)
  • Special cooking apparatus (see kitchen below)
  • Baby equipment (unless rented)
  • Food and condiments
  • Personal toiletries
  • Cleaning supplies
  • Paper products (toilet paper, paper towels, etc.)
  • Beach and fishing equipment
  • Cameras and film
  • Alarm clock, if you need one
  • Flashlights, radios and batteries


All kitchens are adequately stocked for every-day meal preparation and serving. You can expect to find the following items for at least the maximum occupancy: coffee maker and toaster, dishes, glasses, coffee mugs, flatware, serving dishes, pots and pans, cooking utensils. Some properties provide extra kitchen equipment, others do not. Extra kitchen items are provided according to the individual owner’s preferences, not according to the size, location or price of the property. Therefore, if you are planning special meal preparations, you should bring with you items such as: blender, food processor, extra large or specialty pots and pans, chef’s knives, specialty cooking utensils, etc.


Most properties are NOT equipped with telephones. If they do have a landline phone, it is equipped with restrictive dialing which means all long distance calls will automatically ring to an operator who will request a method of charge from you (i.e. credit card or collect). IN NO EVENT SHOULD YOU ATTEMPT TO CHARGE ANY CALL TO THE PROPERTY PHONE. Should you do so, a collection fee of $5 plus the cost of the call will be billed to you. There is no means of billing you through our office for direct-dialed long distance calls.

Linens/Cleaning/Rental Items

Linen service and bed making are provided for all condominium rentals and included in the published rates. Cleaning is also provided in the published rental rate for all condominium rentals. Linen service and bed making are not provided for house rentals but can be available at current linen rental prices. An additional cleaning fee will be charged to all guests renting houses and full housekeeping services. We also recommend North Strand Beach Service for your equipment rental needs. They have items that may be rented such as cribs, high chairs, car seats, umbrellas, beach chairs etc.

Mid-Week Maid Service

Our properties are cleaned after each check-out. We’ll be glad to schedule a mid-week cleaning for you, if you desire. Please call prior to your arrival to schedule. The cost varies depending upon the property.

General Information 


When hurricanes threaten the area it is imperative that you adhere to the instructions of Seaside Vacations and the local authorities.

When a Hurricane WATCH is issued, you should begin preparations for possible evacuation. Seaside Vacations will monitor the storm along with local authorities and the National Hurricane Center. When probability of a hit becomes likely, Horry County will issue a MANDATORY EVACUATION. EVACUATION IS REQUIRED WHENEVER A MANDATORY EVACUATION IS ISSUED BY HORRY COUNTY OFFICIALS. You should pack all belongings, including food, and evacuate immediately. Neither Seaside Vacations nor the property owner will be responsible for any items you may leave behind.

Exit the area via the Hurricane Evacuation Routes. Police will direct you to the quickest safe route. Prior to leaving the property, complete the ‘Hurricane Preparation Checklist’ which includes:

  • tightly lock and secure ALL doors and windows
  • Bring all deck furniture inside and anything which may be blown
  • Set thermostats to OFF position
  • Close all blinds, make sure door is locked behind you and screen door is tightly latched
  • Return keys to office

Your help in completing these items is needed and greatly appreciated by the property owners and Seaside Vacations.

Upon leaving the area, you may either stay at a motel or return home. Keep in mind that the first people to evacuate will get the closest motel room and avoid traffic tie-ups. The longer you wait, the farther you’ll have to travel to find accommodations. After the storm passes, you may call our office or local authorities to see if you can return. If so, we’re glad. Come back and enjoy the rest of your vacation. During periods of evacuation, you may call Seaside Vacations for frequent updates of the storm and important information.

There will be NO REFUNDS OR CREDITS FOR HURRICANE EVACUATIONS. Whether you own property, run a business, or rent property, the threat of a hurricane is always present and we all assume this risk. Therefore, we suggest you consider Travel Protection Insurance to secure your vacation investment. Red Sky link

Travel Protection

Seaside Vacations has contracted with Red Sky Insurance in order to offer Travel Protection Insurance to our guests. Your Lease Agreement will include this optional coverage which, in most cases, will cost only 6.95% of your total rental amount. This insurance coverage not only protects your vacation investment against hurricanes but also covers other unforeseen circumstances which could cause cancellation of your trip and forfeiture of payments. It even covers some circumstances which affect other members of your group who would be vacationing with you. Following is a summary of the features of this insurance coverage.


MEDICAL REFERRAL: The assistance provider will help find a doctor, hospital or pharmacy, and consult with your physician.

EMERGENCY MEDICAL TRANSPORTATION: The assistance provider will arrange for a medical escort, transfer to an adequate medical facility or home if medically necessary, and the return of minor dependents and remains.


TRIP CANCELLATION AND INTERRUPTION: Pays for nonrefundable payments and certain extra costs if your trip must be cancelled or interrupted for unforeseen injury, sickness or death. It also covers unforeseen circumstances such as severe weather, summons to jury duty or other covered events. This includes coverage for lost days of your vacation due to MANDATORY EVACUATION orders issued by Horry County officials.

TRAVEL DELAYS: Covers certain expenses if your trip is delayed 12 hours or more.


How do I obtain coverage? You will be offered this coverage when you  make your reservation. Your Lease Agreement will include the fee for this coverage. Simply pay the amount indicated on your Lease with your initial deposit.  If you do not desire this protection, sign the lease where indicated to decline coverage. Otherwise, you will be covered and charged.

When is my coverage effective? Your coverage begins when Seaside Vacations receives your payment and signed Lease Agreement.

What do I receive indicating my coverage? Upon receipt of your payment. Seaside Vacations will send you a pamphlet which describes your coverage in more detail. A master contract number will be assigned indicating verification of coverage.

Whom do I call with questions? Feel free to call Red Sky Travel insurance directly at 866-889-7409. They have an excellent customer support staff who are prepared to answer all your questions.

How would I make a claim? Your Insurance coverage is administered through Red Sky. Simply call 866-889-7409 or visit their website at


Grilling on balconies, decks or walkways is prohibited. This is in violation of local fire ordinances. Fireworks are prohibited by local ordinances.

Items Left in Unit: Seaside Vacations will not be responsible for any personal items left in the units. UPS charges plus a $20 service charge are required if you request us to pick up and mail any items left behind.

Lost and Found: Items left behind and brought to the office by the cleaning staff will be placed in our lost and found for a period of thirty (30) days. After that period of time has expired, items will be donated to a charity.

Campers, trailers, boats and motorcycles are not allowed at some locations. Parking is limited to two cars for 1, 2, and 3 bedroom units.  3 parking spaces are allowed for 4 bedroom units. If you have any special parking needs, please contact our office.

Price Adjustments: Seaside Vacations reserves the right to adjust pricing at their discretion prior to a reservation being made.

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