How to Pack the Perfect Beach Bag

Whether you’re a first-time visitor to North Myrtle Beach or a frequent traveler, you could probably use a little advice on what to bring with you to the shore. That’s especially true for our guests who find themselves juggling kids, bags, and anything else you may need. Luckily, as residents of The Grand Strand, we have plenty of experience on the subject! Here are some of our favorite tips on how to pack the perfect beach bag.

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Our Tips on How to Pack the Perfect Beach Bag

Remember the Basics

No matter who you are, some things are a must for all beach-goers. The first is sunscreen. The sun is strong over The Grand Strand, especially along the shoreline where there are fewer shady spots. You’ll want to apply generous amounts of sunscreen all day long, starting about 30 minutes before you head to the beach. The next item to pack is water. The hot sun and the salt water will dry you out faster than you might expect. Be sure to keep yourself and your family hydrated with plenty of water through the day! Other smart items to bring include sunglasses, hats, beach towels, a good book, and a coverup.

Beach-Proof Your Things

We all know that a trip to the beach will leave you finding sand in your bag for the next week. Usually, that’s nothing more than an annoyance, but if you’re bringing electronics to the beach, that sand can lead to a scratched screen. That’s not the kind of reminder you want to bring back from your summer vacation! Bring a small bag to keep your phone and any other electronics in while you’re not using them.

Pack for Fun

One of the best parts about visiting a beach is building the perfect sandcastle. Bring some plastic shovels and buckets with you and your kids will thank you. They’ll have so much fun creating their masterpiece, and you’ll be able to take a break and enjoy yourself. We also suggest having a crafting hour before you head out to the beach. Your kids can make some fun accessories for their sandcastle. This is especially useful for inclement weather days!

Don’t Stress!

No matter what you pack (or forget to pack), remember that you’re on vacation and there’s no need to stress! When you stay in an oceanfront rental property from Seaside Vacations, you’ll be just steps away from your beautiful condo. Everything you need is just a quick walk away.

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Now that you’ve got our top tips on how to pack the perfect beach bag, it’s time to start planning the rest of your getaway! Book your home with Seaside Vacations to enjoy the best accommodations on The Grand Strand. Our properties have everything you need on your trip, from comfortable furnishing to top-notch amenities. From pet-friendly to long-term, we’ve got it all. The only thing missing is you!

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