Tips on How to Make the Best Sandcastle

It doesn’t matter how old you are or where you’re from; building a sandcastle is a must for anyone on a beach vacation. There’s no better bonding activity for the family. Whether you’re all working together or engaging in a friendly competition to see who can build the most elaborate structure, you and your loved ones are sure to spend the day laughing. Before you head out for the shore, read a couple of our favorite tips on how to make the best sandcastle!

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How to Make the Best Sandcastle

Prep Your Sand the Right Way

The question we get asked most often is, “How do you make the sand stick together?” The key is finding sand with just the right amount of water in it. You want it damp enough that it sticks, but not so wet that it collapses. If you’re trying to make a big sandcastle, finding sand that’s the perfect consistency is the key. Gather the sand that’s closer to the water and mix it with drier sand if needed.

Use the Right Tools

While you definitely don’t need a bucket to make the perfect sandcastle, it does help! If you’re building with young children who may not have the attention span for a long project, teaching them how to make towers using a bucket is probably the way to go. All they have to do is pack the bucket with damp sand, flip it over, and gently wiggle it away. Older kids might prefer the challenge of creating a beautiful structure from a big shapeless pile of sand. Search the beach for shells, which can help you shape your building, or sticks that you can use to carve fine details in your castle.


When it comes to building sandcastles, more is always more! Have your kids make some fun decorations for their sandcastle before you head out on the beach. You can make all sorts of fun things with popsicle sticks, construction paper, some glue, and a pair of scissors! Start with some flags for the castle’s tower and a door, and see where it takes you! (Just remember to bring everything back with you at the end of the day.) Seashells are another beautiful addition to any castle.

Snap Some Pics of Your Masterpiece

After your creation is complete, be sure to take some photos with the proud architects! These are the sort of memories that you’ll look back fondly upon for years to come.

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