Murtle Beach and 4 Other Myrtle Beach Misconceptions

Murtle BeachLike most popular cities, Myrtle Beach has been given some strange stigmas and has faced plenty of misleading rumors over the years. Unless you’ve been here, it’s hard to fully understand the culture and lifestyle our beautiful beach town. Don’t worry – Seaside Vacations is here to clear up some confusion!

It’s Not Spelled Murtle Beach?

Understandably, one of the main misconceptions about the Grand Strand is actually the spelling of the name! We realize you could be thinking about the hundreds of sea turtles born here yearly, however, Myrtle Beach sounds like the animal but isn’t spelled like it. So, what are some other common Murtle Beach fallacies?

1. It’s All Mini Golf

Contrary to popular belief, Myrtle Beach offers residents and visitors much more than your average game of putt-putt. This area is actually home to some of the most fun, challenging, and finest golf courses in the entire country. With around 100 courses and a record 4.2 million rounds played here per year, Myrtle Beach has been deemed the “Golf Capital of the World”. Take that, mini golf!

2. It’s Always Busy

Unbeknownst to travelers, there are actually two separate areas of Myrtle Beach that differ in atmosphere, events, and activities. Myrtle Beach’s strip (the avenues that follow along the boardwalk) are home to bustling tourists, beach stores, and various rides and attractions. Sky-high hotels and condos line the beachfront, and the excitement and thrill of the area is palpable throughout the summer months.
A few blocks up is the quieter and less commercial area of North Myrtle Beach. With beautiful oceanfront homes and peaceful, clean beaches, this area is ideal for a relaxing, intimate getaway with family and friends. You can enjoy home-cooked meals at a variety of North Myrtle Beach restaurants, spend the day shopping at a nearby mall, or simply unwind with your toes in the water. You’ll feel the difference when visiting both areas!

3. It’s Full of Sharks

Myrtle Beach tends to get a bad rap when it comes to sharks, mostly because incidents that happen are overly hyped in the media. In reality, only 50 shark attacks total have been recorded over the past century on local beaches, and there hasn’t been a fatal attack since the 1800’s! With more than 15 million visitors to the area each year, the odds of being bit by a shark in Myrtle Beach are roughly 1 in 4,000,000 — five times less likely than your odds of being struck by lightning while standing on the beach!

4. It’s Expensive

If you thought that visiting the beach was completely out of your price range, think again! There are plenty of free Myrtle Beach activities that will keep your family entertained and won’t break the bank. A variety of outdoor shops are great for a day spent strolling outside, and your kids will love searching for shells on the free public-access beach as you relax in a chair. There are also tons of inexpensive festivals throughout the year that your family will love.

Start Planning Your Vacation!

Now that you know the truth about Murtle Beach, it’s time to come and experience it for yourself! For the ultimate in comfort and relaxation, be sure to book your stay in one of our stunning vacation rentals in North Myrtle Beach, and for more tips and advice on our area, download our free vacation guide.