Learn to dance the Carolina Shag

If you live in the South, there is something everyone should learn to do: The Carolina Shag. This dance is a staple among the locals. When you come to stay at one of Seaside Vacations rental homes, you will have the opportunity to join in on all the shagging the area has to offer. From upbeat pop music to sweet and slow tunes, learning to dance the Carolina Shag is always a memorable and fun experience. Here are a few tips we want you to know about the Carolina Shag.
If you have never learned how to dance, the Carolina Shag is a basic dance that everyone can pick up pretty quickly. The first thing to understand is learning how to count “one-and-two, three-and-four, five-six.” Repeat this pattern until you know the 8-beat rhythm. There are eight shag dance steps that correspond to each beat. Here is the catch, the “one-and-two” and “three-and-four” steps should take about as much time to complete as the “five-and-six” steps do. If you know how to count to the basic eight-beat rhythm then your first lesson will be a breeze.
Myrtle Beach is full of a variety of events that feature fun and exciting Carolina shagging. One fantastic place to visit first is Fat Harold’s Beach Club. At the Club, Happy Hour is generally from 4 P.M. to 7 P.M.; then it is time for Judy Duke to teach you how to “shag”. Grab a drink and then head to the dance floor to learn the Carolina Shag with the locals and visitors. Come out at 7 P.M. and learn the Carolina Shag. The entry fee is $10 per person. Not only can you learn to shag at the Beach Club, but you can also learn to Line Dance. Check out the other events the Beach Club has to offer to fill your time in the area with fun, memorable memories with the family.
Each July, Myrtle Beach O.D. Shag Club features a Summer Workshop. Come out and spend two days getting into the true Carolina Shag scene. The month of July holds several other fantastic events that you don’t want to miss. Click here to view the O.D. Shag Club calendar and start planning which events in which you want to participate.
From the Carolina Shag to line dancing, Myrtle Beach is packed full of events that will entertain the entire family. This is just a brief overview of all that Myrtle Beach has to offer. As you are planning which night to learn the shag, make sure you have a place to rest after dancing the night away. We, here at Seaside Vacations, offer several fantastic places to stay from oceanfront condos to houses. Request a free Myrtle Beach vacation quote from Seaside Vacations to help you start planning your trip. We’ll help make your search for lodging in Myrtle Beach as easy and painless as possible. Make this summer vacation unforgettable!
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