Spend a Day at the Alligator Adventure in North Myrtle Beach

Deemed the reptile capital of the world, Alligator Adventure in North Myrtle Beach is home to some of the fiercest and most beautiful creatures in the Lowcountry. This unique facility is located next to Barefoot Landing and is one of South Carolina’s most outstanding tourist attractions, where wildlife, nature, and adventure abound. Here, guests can get up-close and personal with a variety of species and explore awesome exhibits, informative live shows, and fun educational programs. Just a 10-minute drive from Seaside Vacations, a trip to Alligator Adventure is a must when you visit the Grand Strand! Here are some of the things you’ll see.

What You’ll Find at Alligator Adventure in North Myrtle Beach

Spectacular Species

While the park features a stunning array of exotic wildlife including owls, emus, kangaroos, and monkeys, it’s truly the alligators that steal the show. These prehistoric predators were said to exist some 150 million years ago and have even managed to survive their dinosaur ancestors. At Alligator Adventure, guests can admire the Albino alligator, with its yellowish skin and red eyes, or check out the enormous American alligator, a South Carolina native. The park is also home to crocodiles, lizards, frogs, turtles, and more.

Live Shows

The park also hosts a variety of live entertainment shows that give guests a closer look at these mysterious and unique creatures. During the alligator live feedings, audiences will watch in awe as 15-foot gators leap out of the water and use their powerful jaws to crunch down on dinner. For a more hands-on experience, feel free to participate in the handling and lecture program where you can touch, hold, and take a picture with a real live alligator. If snakes are more your style, be sure to check out the snake handling show where the professional staff will teach you all about this slimy and misunderstood species.

Alligator Adventure Hours & Cost

Adults and children over the age of 13 can enjoy a whole day of fun at the park for $22.99, and children ages 4 to 12 are just $16.99. If the kids are hoping for more time in the facility, don’t worry – when you purchase your ticket, you’ll even receive a second-day pass for free! The extra pass is valid within 7 days after your purchase and the park is open daily from 9 AM to 7 PM.

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Photo Credit: ewastudio | Thinkstock