3 Ideas for Family Fun in Myrtle Beach

Myrtle Beach is full of fantastic things to do, from swimming to paddle boarding. When you come to visit, you and your family are sure to have a blast participating in all the activities the area has to offer. Whether you are looking to just lie on the beach and relax or to explore the area’s wildlife, Myrtle Beach is the perfect place for whatever you wish to do. We, here at Seaside Vacations, want you to have the time of your life when in the area. Here are 3 ideas for family fun in Myrtle Beach!
1. The Children’s Museum of South Carolina.
Children will have the time of their lives exploring the Children’s Museum of South Carolina. The entire family is sure to have fun discovering the different parts of the museum. This interactive playground for the mind is a place where you can come touch, explore, and play while learning about your world through the exhibits and programs. Take the time to explore this wonderful museum when in the area!
2. Paradise Adventure Golf
Featuring 3 premier locations along the Grand Strand, Paradise Adventure Golf offers some of the greatest mini golf in the area. All three locations are action packed and offer multiple courses! The first one is Molten Mountain, which is the area’s only 18 hole all-indoor, air-conditioned course. It also features an 18-hole outdoor course that has a 50-foot volcano, which erupts with fire and steamy fun and excitement every 30 minutes. The second is the Cancun Lagoon, which features 27-hole indoor and outdoor adventure. This course features a 50-foot replica of an ancient Mayan pyramid where the gods of thunder and lightning supervise your play. Be careful not to make them furious or you will experience the wrath of the gods. The third is called Mutiny Bay, a 36-hole all outdoor course that features a battle of the Pirates of the Caribbean every 30 minutes. The Mutiny Bay offers 2 courses, so the fun never has to end. This is a great idea for family fun in Myrtle Beach!
3. Myrtle Beach State Park
Another wonderful thing to do while in the area is hiking one of the two trails offered at the Myrtle Beach State Park, Myrtle Beach State Park is a great place to spend the day exploring. Experience what the woodlands of the Grand Stand used to look like on the Sculptured Oak Trail, a 0.5-miles long trail that is rated an easy skill level. You will pass through a forest of oaks, hollies, magnolias, wax myrtles, and poplars, which is the home of numerous woodland creatures. As you continue down the path, you will hit the Yaupon Trail which is 0.4-miles in length. Both the Yaupon and Sculptured Trails lead to the white sandy beach and feature interpretive signs to identify the flora and fauna. This is a fantastic way to spend the afternoon!
There is nothing holding you back from visiting Myrtle Beach now other than finding the perfect place to stay. Choose from Seaside Vacations’ selection of wonderful oceanfront condos and houses in which to stay during your time in the area. You are sure to find one that suits your needs. Seaside Vacations can help you plan your next trip to Myrtle Beach now!  We hope that our short list of ideas for family fun in Myrtle Beach helped you in planning your next vacation!
Photo courtesy Jacklyn Viazanica.